Covid-19 Update May, 2020
Alright enough is enough, and from what I hear, our loyal customers agree. We will be opening May 7th for takeout only. We are dotting our i's and crossing our t's to make sure we have everything in line for our return. In the meantime we ask that customers call ahead or use our online ordering system to order their food ahead. We will be allowing people to come in and pick up their orders, but if you feel unsafe doing so, we will be more than happy to bring your order out for you with all the fixings. We still have details we're ironing out so keep an eye out for updates on our Facebook and Instagram pages

We hope you are all staying safe and we're excited to see you all soon!

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Covid-19 Update April, 2020
Wow, what a world we live in these days. We were blindsided by the virus and the impact it would have on our family, friends, and businesses. Because of the current economic climate we have shut down for the month of April, but don't worry, we're already planning our return. It might look a little different as we adjust to new rules and regulations, but we are planning on reopening as soon as we get our feet under us. Keep an eye out for updates on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We hope you are all staying safe!